Interview with Cosplayer, Jack Action

Posted: December 10th, 2015

It’s December, and if you are in the USA, that means bundling up and buckling down for the impending cold. But if you are like cosplay enthusiast and MGS fan Brad, (aka Jack Action), you’ve just come from a searing hot weekend from Supanova in Brisbane, Australia! We had a chance to chat and ask what makes him such a fan of one of our favorite series:

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Interview with Austin Frantz

Posted: October 2nd, 2015
  • What inspired you to create this series of METAL GEAR-inspired works?

    Well, Metal Gear is my favorite game series of all time and drawing sketches for this game is a lot fun! A  lot of the inspiration for not just my MGS sketches but pretty much all my sketches comes from [series  art director Yoji] Shinkawa. I really love his style of work and I always try to come up with something  similar. Also, I started most of my MGS sketches when I first played Peacewalker, the drawings in the  cutscenes were super cool.

  • What is your artistic process in creating works like these?

    All my sketches are done on paper and use pen and pencil. Usually graphite or charcoal. And then I take a picture of my work with just an iPhone (laughs)! And then I’ll do a little bit of editing…  That’s pretty much it. I come up with most my drawings when I’m just listening to music in my room.  The process isn’t anything special (laughs).

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Posted: May 29th, 2015

You’ve seen his METAL GEAR works all over the net, and those following the art scene are no doubt familiar with our guest Emilio Lopez.

Thanks for talking with us Emilio, if you could go ahead and introduce yourself and where people may have seen your work?

Photo Emilio ProfileI have been a professional freelance artist for over 16 years and have worked in almost all aspects of entertainment from animation, Comics, trading card games, licensing art, even video games. (more…)

PES Blog #2: 50,000 GP awarded to the players of the best soccer game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015!

Posted: April 23rd, 2015

By Andre Bronzoni and Luis F. Gallardo

Are you playing PES 2015? If so, then start planning your next season because we are giving 50,000 GP to each player in our pitch! And if you don’t have PES 2015, this is the best time to get yours for only $39.99.

GP is PES 2015 in-game currency, obtained by playing the game to the best of your abilities, or by buying it with real currency. With GP, you will get the most out of PES 2015 by contracting players and coaches, buying recovery items, and renewing contracts in MyClub mode. Show the world you’re not only the best player, but the best club manager ever! (more…)

PES Blog #1: Introduction to myClub

Posted: February 26th, 2015

Hey PES aficionados, old pros and newbie footballers! I’m T.K. from the Social Team at Konami and I’d like to welcome you to our new series of blogs to provide some help with some of the more subtle features of PES 2015. This year we’ve added the myClub mode to the game, and as a result we’ve received a lot of questions regarding the persistent gameplay mode and I hope to outline some of the basic strategies and answer some questions along the way! (more…)

Musterbrand MGSV Collection

Posted: February 25th, 2015


We at Konami are very proud to announce our renewed partnership with musterbrand for a brand new collection of METAL GEAR-inspired streetwear. We reached out to design and license coordinator Toby Rayfield from musterbrand to answer some questions on this newest line of video game-inspired chic. See the catalog on the official musterbrand website.

IDW Interview with Tom Waltz ( Silent Hill: Downpour – Anne’s Story )

Posted: February 19th, 2015

In celebration of the finale of Silent Hill: Downpour – Anne’s Story, we sat down with writer Tom Waltz and artist Tristan Jones to get their thoughts about the comic and the titular town, Silent Hill. Today we’d like to feature Anne’s Story and Downpour writer Tom Waltz’s responses! (See our original interview with artist Tristan Jones here)

Q: Where did the inspiration for Anne’s Story come from? And why in comic format?

TOM WALTZ: Way back when I first started working with Konami on the video game SILENT HILL: DOWNPOUR, producers Devin Shatsky and Tomm Hulett (who were also my co-writers on the game along with Brian Gomez) and I had a number of discussions about the story possibilities of a multi-character co-op SILENT HILL game. As time passed, however, and budgetary constraints took hold, we realized creating a co-op game was out of the question, but creating two main characters with duel storylines-in this case, Murphy Pendleton and Anne Marie Cunningham-was not. We chose Murphy’s story as the playable journey but were always very cognizant of Anne’s importance to the overall plot and had hoped to release her story as a playable DLC/add-on someday. Unfortunately, that was not to be… but as fate would have it, IDW Publishing stepped forward and allowed us to tell Anne’s story in comic book format-a storytelling medium I’d utilized as a writer to tell SILENT HILL stories in the past with SILENT HILL: DOWNPOUR and SILENT HILL: PAST LIFE. It was a fantastic opportunity and I couldn’t be happier with the way SILENT HILL DOWNPOUR: ANNE’S STORY turned out, both graphically with artist Tristan Jones’ and colorist Michael Spicer’s fine word, and story-wise based on the plot the Konami gang and I had worked out for Anne in the past. She’s an intriguing and complex character and one of my favorites to explore in my writing career. (more…)

IDW Interview with Tristan Jones ( Silent Hill: Downpour – Anne’s Story )

Posted: February 17th, 2015

In celebration of the finale of Silent Hill: Downpour – Anne’s Story, we sat down with writer Tom Waltz and artist Tristan Jones to get their thoughts about the comic and the titular town, Silent Hill. Today we’d like to feature Anne’s Story artist Tristan Jones’ responses!

Q: What is your history with the Silent Hill series?

Pretty sure Silent Hill was the very first thing I ever approached IDW about, WAY back in 2007 at SDCC, while I was still writing the TMNT at Mirage… Approaching editors at San Diego Comic Con…! Man, was I naive! I’d always been a huge fan of the games. I remember Silent Hill 2 being the first game I really sat and just played pretty endlessly because I was so absorbed in what was unraveling before me. (more…)

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