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DanceDanceRevolution X2 Arcade

Start A New Revolution

Stalwart Bemani fans are anxious to bust some new moves on the highly anticipated new release of DDRX2. Over 400 songs, 70 NEW licensed hits, are packed into this latest edition. A NEW Song Select Interface makes it easier than ever for players to pick their favorite music. Novice players can get right into the action by selecting “Happy Mode,” while hardcore players can select “PRO Mode,” that will allow them to customize their game experience to their skill set. Player adjustments in PRO Mode include “arrow speed adjustment,” “hidden/sudden steps” and “risky” all three designed to challenge players like no other version of DDR EVER! Knowing full well that playing DDR creates a highly aerobic, fitness-like workout, DDRX2 can also calculate the number of calories that each player will have burned based on their performance. Anticipating a lot of usage, the dance floor has been re-engineered to endure the high volume of play associated with this wildly successful product.

When there is a demand for a dancing machine, the Konami Family of Bemani products is the Players Choice!

  • New Song Select Interface-Over 400 Songs
  • “Happy Mode” For Novice Players
  • “Pro Mode” For Hardcore Players
  • Calorie Burner-Calculates Calories Burned Off During The Players Performance
  • Re-Engineered Dance Floor And Dance Pads For Optimum And Accurate
  • Scoring
  • Attractive New Light Treatments

Height: 91.11″
Width: 77.21″
Depth: 97.52″
Weight: over 800lbs.

DanceDanceRevolution X Arcade



Join The Revolution

Konami is celebrating its 10th anniversary of their dance genre of games with Dance Dance Revolution X. DDR X has the largest song selection from previous DDR games with over 350 songs. Songs range from: 60 new songs including popular hits, remixed original DDR songs, Konami original music and hidden songs.

DDR X is also housed in an electrifying NEW cabinet with a 37″ LCD monitor, LED lighting effects and a thundering sound system to enhance play. Look for a new Shock Arrow and upgraded graphics.

The game is e-Amusement ready, player cards will allow on-line ranking and data collection with Internet connection. There is also a Step Chart Edit Mode where players can edit game step charts on their home PCs and bring the data back to the arcade via SD Memory Card.

With such a large following and new features and songs, DDR X is sure to be a big hit.


Height: 91.11
Width: 77.21
Depth: 97.52
Weight: Over 800 lbs.

DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA. 2 Arcade

ddr_supernova2_logosupernova-2-dance-arcade The bestselling video game in the music game category explodes onto the dance floor with DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2, the follow-up to the smash hit arcade game! DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 delivers a one-two punch with its fun interactive gameplay, incredible song selection and innovative new game modes.

  • All-new arcade release of the DDR series
  • Awesome soundtrack packed with major hits and brand new songs
  • Brand new game modes and fully adaptable to new players and pros
  • Enhanced online support with e-Amusement
  • Sequel to the biggest and best DDR game to date!


Height: 100″
Width: 70″
Depth: 43″

General Information

As a result of closure of its Midwest Service Center in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Konami appoints Betson Enterprises, a division of H. Betti Industries, Inc. as its solely authorized parts and service company for Konami’s video games.

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